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Conservation Commission Minutes July 12, 2011

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July 12, 2011

The Plymouth Conservation Commission held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, 2011 at the Plymouth Town Hall, 11 Lincoln Street, Plymouth, MA 02360.  Present were Gerre Hooker, Vice-Chairman and Commissioners James Aimone, John Scagliarini and Paul Withington.  The Conservation Planner, Elizabeth Sullivan and the secretary, Michelle Turner, were also present.

Evelyn Strawn and Brooke Monroe were absent.

. Disclosure:  These minutes are not verbatim – they are the secretary’s interpretation of what took place at the meeting. – Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A § 22.

All materials presented during this meeting are available in the Conservation Office.

7:00 P.M.       Administrative Business – May include topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

7:30 PM RJ Childrens Trust, 26 Dunham Road, Parcel ID No. 098-000-010-001.  A Request for a Determination of Applicability to upgrade a septic system in the buffer zone of an inland bank of Billington Sea.
J. Randolph Parker of Land Mgmt. Systems, Inc. represented the applicant and described the site located in the northwest corner of Billington Sea.  Cesspools will be abandoned.  New system is proposed more than 50 feet outside the buffer zone.
No public comment made.
David Foster motioned to issue a negative determination.  Approved unanimously.:

7:35 PM Almac Realty Trust II, Brian A. Alosi et al, Trustees, 949 State Road, Parcel ID No. 048-000-023B-000.  A Request for Determination of Applicability for the demolition of fire-damaged units of a motel building including the proposed construction of a deck above a remaining concrete foundation, with loam and seed to stabilize where required, in the buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland, inland bank and inland beach of Fresh Pond.
J. Randolph Parker of Land Mgmt. Systems, Inc represented the applicant.  Mr. Parker explained that fire occurred in the first two units.  He noted that the insurance company threatened to cancel policy and Mr. Alosi had only so much time to complete the demolition of the burned units.  Conservation staff authorized the demolition prior to the filing.  Asbestos was found in the structure and needed to be removed with special approvals in place.  
No public comment made.
James Aimone motioned to issue a negative determination.  Approved unanimously

7:45 PM John H. Shaw, Jr., R. Sandwich Street, Parcel ID No. 023-000-007B-000.  A Notice of Intent to raise an existing boat storage building onto new concrete footings, in the resource of a salt marsh and within land subject to coastal storm flowage.
Property owner John Shaw represented himself.  Explained the project to put new footing below the existing boat storage building.  Building will remain in the same location.
Building is outside of the flood zone, although the owner proposes to elevate the building.

Public comment
Ann Boswell of 12 Winter Street wanted confirmation that the barn would not be enlarged or located to another location.  This was confirmed.
Public comment closed.
David Foster motioned to approve the project with conditions.  Approved unanimously.

7:55 PM Churchill Manomet Realty Trust, Thomas W. & Jane B. Churchill, Trustees, 282 Manomet Point Road, Parcel ID No. 046-000A-041-000.  A Notice of Intent to extend an existing stone revetment to the northerly property line by tapering with a mix of 1-3 ton stone, cobble, sand and gravel; mortar seal cracks in the existing seawall and concrete apron within the resource of the coastal bank and construct a paved driveway and upgrade a septic system in the buffer zone of the top of a coastal bank.
J. Randolph Parker of Land Mgmt Systems, Inc.  represented the applicant and explained the project.
Mr. Parker submitted a letter from northern abutter Joseph Howard giving permission to construct the wall up to the property line.
Mortar is proposed only on the portion of the existing wall, which is already mortared.
Gerre Hooker asked the applicant to consider chinking rather than mortar.
James Aimone motioned to approve the project as proposed.  Approved unanimously.

8:05 PM ADM Agawam Development LLC, James Kane, off Wareham Road, Parcel ID No. 117-000-000A-003.  A Notice of Intent for the installation of a water main, via directional drilling below the Agawam River, for utility service to the wastewater treatment facility associated with the River Run subdivision.
Blake Martin and Sean Haney of Weston & Sampson represented the applicant.
Mr. Martin commented that this project was similar to the directional drilling for River Run’s water main installation but this project was for the sewer main installation.  Area is north of the power line easement  
He explained how the rig would drill down 25 feet, drill the bore hole and the 4” pipe would be pulled through.  Debris will be mounded
No public comment made.
James Aimone motioned to approve the project with conditions.  Approved unanimously.

Other Business:

SE57-2551, John Shaw, Jr., R Sandwich Street.  John Scagliarini motioned to approve draft order, as revised.  Approved unanimously.

SE57-2555 Churchill Manomet Realty Trust Thomas W. & Jane B. Churchill, Tr., 282 Manomet Point Road.  James Aimone motioned to approve draft order, as revised.  Approved unanimously.

SE57- 2552  ADM Agawam Development LLC, off Wareham Road.  James Aimone motioned to approve the draft order, as revised.  Approved unanimously.

SE57-1508, Fred Karbott, 33 River Farm Road, house and amenities in the buffer zone of Triangle Pond.
James Aimone motioned to issue a COC.  Approved unanimously.

Upcoming meeting calendar was reviewed:

July 26 – Public Hearings
August 9 – Public Hearings
August 23 – Public Hearings

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle A. Turner
Michelle A. Turner
Administrative Secretary

Approved on:August 23, 2011

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