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Water and Sewer Divisions
Contact TypeContact Information
Contact Information:
Water Superintendent
Administrative Assistant
Wastewater Superintendent
Water Quality Service Manager
Water Division: 169 Camelot Drive
Sewer Division: 131 Camelot Drive
Plymouth, MA 02360
Water Office:
508-830-4162 x138
Sewer Plant:
Sewer Fax:
Office hours are as follows: Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm
If you have an emergency after hours, Fridays or on weekends or would like to report a main break, please call the Plymouth Police Dept at 508-746-1212.
The 2013Water Quality Report is now available online!
Click here to view it online

If you prefer paper please visit the Library, Police Department, Fire Department, Town Hall or the Council on Aging

Mandatory Water Restriction is in place!
This restriction shall limit outdoor watering to no more than 60 minutes per day. Odd numbered homes shall be permitted to use outdoor water for 60 minutes on odd days, and even numbered homes shall be allowed to use 60 minutes of water on even days. Watering is permitted between the hours of 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM AND 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  

Cross Connection, Backflow and Fire Service Protection Information
Patrick Murphy, Foreman: 508-326-4996

Office Hours

Our operational hours at 169 Camelot Drive are  Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.
Utility bills must still be paid at Town Hall at the Tax Collector’s office.
All permit applications should be brought to 169 Camelot Drive for approval signatures.

If you need to report an emergency or a main break after hours,
please contact the Plymouth Police at 508-746-1212.

Upcoming and Ongoing Water/Sewer Division Construction Projects

Jacket Water Main Project is currently in progress and scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2014
Streets affected:
Amos Hill, Brookside Ave, Chilton St, Cliff St, Clyfton St, Coles Lane, Doten Rd, Davis St, Highland Place, Lewis St, Grant St, McKinley Rd, Alvin Rd, Lois St, Ashley St, Manters Point Rd, Stephens St, Stoddard St, Vernon St, Winslow St, School St, Goddard Lane, Russell Ave, Seaview St.

The installation of backup generators for Pine Hills Booster Station and the Water Division Main Office is currently in progress with an estimated completion date in July.

Recently Completed Water/Sewer Division Construction Projects
Click the links for pictures of the projects!

Bradford Well Reconstruction

Holmes Point Sewer Station Rehabilitation

Lout Pond Well Replacement, construction started, anticipated completion in the summer of 2012 (Completed)

Wannos Pond Well Replacement, anticipated to be online by the end of 2012 (Completed)

Conserve Today!
1162009_100712_0-sm.jpgBesides air, water is the resource most critical to sustaining life on Earth. Human beings depend on water not only for drinking, but for generating energy, growing crops, carrying waste, for washing and cleaning, and to run machinery. Clean water is also essential for many species of plants and animals living in streams, rivers, and lakes.

As the human population grows and the world becomes more and more industrialized, demands on fresh water resources are increasing sharply. At the same time, this very growth threatens the water supply through human and industrial pollution. Climate change is creating drought conditions in some parts of the world. Already, wars are being fought over water. It seems clear that water will replace oil as the most precious and fought-over resource on the planet.

The importance of water cannot be overstated, yet people in industrialized nations take for granted the fact that they can turn on a faucet for fresh water on demand. But even in this water-on-demand society, contaminants and pathogens find their way into the water supply, sickening hundreds at a time.

Keeping water supplies clean, safe, and healthy requires the attention of a diverse group of people - farmers, conservationists, public policy makers, environmental health workers, and concerned citizens. It can no longer be taken for granted.

Who is responsible for the health of the world's watersheds? Is clean water a right, or a commodity to be bought and sold to the highest bidder? In the years to come, these questions will become more and more urgent. Without sufficient clean water, impoverished countries will never achieve better health and a higher standard of living for their people. Without sufficient clean water, industrialized nations will not be able to meet the demands of all the enterprises that depend on water to function. Without sufficient clean water, all other productive efforts become futile.   *excerpt from

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Mission Statements

Water Division
It is the mission of the Water Division to manage the physical water infrastructure of the town. To design, construct, operate and maintain the water system in a manner that provides maximum benefit to the human and environmental health and safety of the community. To deliver its product in an efficient manner that is both technologically feasible and cost effective. To always maintain the highest legal and ethical standards in the course of completing its mission.

Sewer Division:
The mission of the Sewer Division personnel, through cooperative teamwork of the treatment operations, infrastructure maintenance and laboratory staff, is to protect the environment by minimizing health/pollution risks while effectively meeting the stringent criteria imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the MA Division of Environmental Protection regulations and permits by optimizing process control and long term infrastructure integrity through a strategically planned and coordinated inspection, analysis, preventive maintenance and scheduled replacement program in a professional cost-effective manner with emphasis on serving the needs of the sewer utility rate payer with minimal financial impact.

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