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Boards and Committees
If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, Please contact Tiffany Park 508-747-1620 *106 or e-mail

Board / Committee
1749 Court House
This committee oversees the operation of the 1749 Court House Museum. The committee is currently working with an exhibit designer to
implement a new exhibit that better expresses the town’s history beyond the original colony.
1820 Court House Consortium
The 1820 Courthouse Consortium is responsible for developing a recommendation on the best reuse(s) for the historic courthouse property.
This committee advises the Board of Selectmen on the coordination of activities related to the Town’s 400th Anniversary Celebration.
It shall be the duty of the Advisory and Finance Committee to consider all matters proposed to be acted on at all Town Meetings, except that in no case shall the Committee make any recommendation pertaining to the candidacy of any person for any office, nor shall it make any recommendation or suggestion in regard to any question involving a license for the sale of intoxicating liquors or in regard to any article involving the adoption of constitutional amendments.
Affordable Housing Ttrust
Assists in identifying housing needs and housing opportunities for all income levels, while at the same time preserving the Town character and resources.
The Agricultural Committee shall
(a) serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Plymouth
(b) promote agricultural-based economic opportunities, and
(c) act as advocates, educators and/or negotiators on agricultural issues, in accordance with the Right to Farm Bylaw adopted at the 2009 Fall Town Meeting.
Airport Commission
Responsible for overseeing the custody, care, and management of the Plymouth Airport
Board of Assessors
Responsible for setting the annual tax rate and reviewing taxpayer applications for abatement and exemptions.
The Town of Plymouth Board of Selectmen consists of five (5) members elected for three-year overlapping terms. The Board of Selectmen is the chief executive body of the town.
This committee serves as the permanent building committee overseeing the renovation and construction of town facilities. The committee determines the need for additions or renovations to any existing buildings/facilities or for the construction of new buildings/facilities or the demolition or disposal of existing building/facilities.
Cable Advisory Committee
This committee is responsible for reviewing complaints, suggestions and issues raised relative to the cable system, the licensee and the services provided, and to make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on such matters.
Capital Outlay Expenditure Committee
This committee assists the Town Manager & Finance Director in preparing annually a five-year Capital Improvements Program.
Cedarville Steering Committee
The primary mission of the committee is to assist in the implementation of the Cedarville Master Plan and to advocate for the needs of the area.
Charter Review Committee
The Charter Review Committee is responsible for issuing recommendations for change to the Town’s Charter.
This committee was created as a result of the Town’s acceptance of the Community Preservation Act. The committee studies the needs, possibilities and resources of the town regarding community preservation and makes recommendations to Town Meeting for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space, historic resources, land for recreational use and community housing.
The commission is responsible for implementing the State Wetlands Protection Act and the Town of Plymouth Wetlands Bylaw.
The purpose of the Council is to identify the total needs of elders in the community and to advocate for and implement services to fill these needs and/or to coordinate existing services.
The council promotes excellence, access, education, and diversity of all the arts through the disbursement of state funds to individuals and non-profit organizations for projects and events that offer public benefit in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences.
Design Review Board
This Board assists town agencies in the review of plans to enhance the visual appearance of the town. Specifically encouraged to apply are lawyers and people with a background in construction.
Designer Selection Board
The Board is responsible for the selection of finalists to provide design services for any town building project as described in §§38A ½ through 38 O of Chapter 7, MGL.
The Plymouth Commission on Disabilities serves as a resource to the Town of Plymouth community to address accessibility, equal rights and other issues of concern to people with disabilities.
Distinguished Visitors Committee
The primary focus of the Distinguished Visitors Committee is Plymouth’s sister city relationships and visits from official delegations.
The purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee is to consider whether or not a “municipal electric light plant” or a municipal aggregation group
should be formed to provide electric power for Plymouth. After completing their deliberations, the Ad Hoc Committee will report to the Board of Selectmen with their recommendation.
Harbor Committee
This committee reviews and makes recommendations on issues relating to the waterfront and Plymouth Harbor.
Board of Health
The Board is responsible for general inspections and consultation regarding Title V review, water analysis samples, nuisance complaints, and restaurant and school inspections.
It is the Plymouth Historical District Commission's mission to preserve, protect and document the historic architectural heritage of the Town of Plymouth.
Manomet Steering Committee
The primary mission of the committee is to assist in the implementation of the Manomet Master Plan and to advocate for the needs of the area.
Memorials Advisory Committee
This advisory committee to the Board of Selectmen, makes recommendations regarding proposed memorials on Town Property.
Natural Resources & Coastal Beaches Committee
This committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen on matters relating to the Town’s coastal and freshwater wetlands, barrier beaches, coastal plain ponds, and conservation properties that have beaches/waterfront.
This committee is responsible for coordinating the Town of Plymouth's No Place For Hate Program, a program created by the Anti-Defamation League of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Municipal Association supporting diversity and respect.
North Plymouth Steering Committee
This committee assists in the implementation of the North Plymouth Master Plan and advocates for the needs of the area.
Nuclear Matters Committee
This committee deals with a wide range of issues related to the town’s nuclear power plant.
Nutrient Management Stakeholder's Committee
Under the town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant permit, the town is required to prepare a Nutrient Management Plan to address nutrient impacts to the Eel River system from the various sources within the Eel River Watershed. As part of the Nutrient Management Plan, a stakeholders committee is being formed to enable "end-users" (those who are directly impacted by the nutrient impacts to the Eel River system) to participate in the development of Plan and monitor its progress.
This committee studies and determines which lands in Plymouth should be kept for open space and assists in the acquisition of same.
The Planning Board is a five-member elected body responsible for the long-range planning of the physical, environmental, community, and economic development of the town.
Plymouth Center Steering Committee
This committee assists in the implementation of the Plymouth Center Master Plan and advocates for the needs of the area.
The corporation is charged with developing/redeveloping municipally owned facilities and infrastructure to stimulate and support economic growth, and revitalize, stabilize and expand the economy of the Development Zone, defined as the Plymouth Downtown Waterfront District and portions of the North Plymouth Village Center.
The Plymouth Housing Authority’s mission is to operate,
maintain, promote and provide quality, affordable and safe
housing to eligible persons in the community with a
demonstrated need; and to foster and encourage opportunities
for independence and self-sufficiency for all of its clients with
integrity and respect for the diversity of our community
The Plymouth Retirement Board, which has the sole authority and responsibility for investing the funds and administering the benefits of the Plymouth Retirement System
Roads Advisory Committee – The Committee shall include at least one member each from the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board, or their designees, and shall be responsible to the Board of Selectmen for review and recommendations concerning:
A. Classification or re-classification of gravel or private roads;
B. Requests for paving of a MCSC;
C. Requests for upgrading to Gravel Road Standard and paving of a RCR;
D. Road management issues;
E. Betterment assessment issues; and
F. Other road-related issues at the request of the Board of Selectmen.
Save Money And Recycle Trash (“SMART”) Committee
This committee advises the Selectmen and Department of Public Works on convenient and cost effective recycling and reuse programs aimed at reducing the town’s solid waste stream and its impact on the environment.
The Visitor Services Board (VSB) of Plymouth, Massachusetts serves as an advisory board to the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen. The seven-member board is charged with the management of the Town Promotion (tourism) Fund, which is funded wholly by a percentage of the local/hotel rooms’ tax. The Visitor Services Board awards funds and grants for promotional and marketing materials, information delivery, events, activities and infrastructure betterment in an effort to maximize the quality of Plymouth's tourism industry for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.
West Plymouth Steering Committee
This committee assists in the implementation of the West Plymouth Master Plan and advocates for the needs of the area.
The WHB Parking Committee shall research parking plans in coastal areas with cluster development and shall develop possible strategies to mitigate or improve the seasonal parking situation.
The Zoning Board of Appeals considers requests ranging from variance requests for minor home improvements and buildable lot approvals to special permit requests for retail expansions on nonconforming uses and structures and extensions of previously approved projects.
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