Sale Of Tax Liens

The Town of Plymouth does not sell its Tax Lien Certificates.  We initiate our foreclosure process through the Land Court in Boston.  If, after receiving that foreclosure decree, we are unable to secure payment in full from the property owner,  a determination is made to either keep the property in the Town’s name for departmental purposes or auction the property at fair market real estate value, with all proceeds of the sale going back to the Town.    Our last Town Auction with a home for sale was several years ago and although we have foreclosed on other homes since, we have been successful in working things out with the homeowner/mortgage company.  We advertise in the local Old Colony Memorial and Patriot Ledger 30 days before any Town Auction.  Please feel free to leave me your name, mailing address and/or e-mail if you would like to be notified of a scheduled Town auction.