Aquaculture Waiting List 2023

Aquaculture Waiting List 2023 (PDF)

Updated February 8, 2023

Initial List Determined by Lottery at Board of Selectmen's Meeting of November 29, 2011 (Subsequent applications ordered by date of submittal, as noted)

  1. Christie Carpenter, 40R Warren Avenue
  2. Brendan Walsh, 28 Newfield Street
  3. Mathew Paquette, 61 Sandra Way
  4. David Paquette, 61 Sandra Way
  5. John R Condon, 14 Gabriel Lane
  6. Brendan Eaton, 66 Jessica Way
  7. Paul Murphy, 7 Birch Avenue
  8. David Hobson, 432 Long Pond Road
  9. Lucas Pinzino, 1324 Old Sandwich Road
  10. Zachary Pakalnis, 50 Nightingale Road, Unit 8
  11. Allison Donahue, 33 Allerton Street
  12. Brett Barros, 9 Flint Locke Drive

Town of Plymouth, Aquaculture Regulations 8.3 Assignment of Leases j) Applicants on the waiting list must renew their application annually in the month of January. Those not complying will be removed from the list. A revised list shall be posted in the second week of February of each year.