Plymouth's Right to Farm Bylaw, Chapter 63, Section 1 - Legislative Intent

Section 1: Legislative Intent

The purpose of this Article is to restate farm protections that already exist in state law so they are understood and implemented at the local level. This Right to Farm ByLaw does not seek to change state laws, but to bring them together into one local bylaw to enhance local understanding of the right to farm. The Right to Farm Bylaw also encourages the pursuit of agriculture, promotes agricultural-based economic opportunities, and protects farming in the Town of Plymouth by allowing agricultural uses and related activities to function in minimal conflict with abutters and town agencies. The Bylaw shall apply to all jurisdictional areas within the Town. The benefits and protections of this Bylaw are intended to apply exclusively to those agricultural operations and activities conducted in accordance with generally accepted agricultural practices. Moreover, nothing in this bylaw shall be deemed to authorize the acquisition of any interest in land, or to impose any land use regulations, which actions are properly the subject of state statute, regulations, or local zoning law or vote of Town Meeting.