Open Space Committee


Plymouth Open Space LogoThe mission of the Plymouth Open Space Committee is to advocate for the preservation and maintenance of natural open space for current residents as well as for future generations in order to protect our aquifer, our environment, and the character of our town. The Committee was created in 1999, when it was added to the Town Charter as Plymouth faced intense development, having grown almost five times in population in a relatively short time.

Two of the Committee's nine members are appointed by the Select Board, three by the Planning Board, and three by the Conservation Commission.

OSC croppedThe Committee carries out its mission by seeking opportunities to conserve natural and recreational open space, bringing articles to conserve land, and reporting directly to Town Meeting. We offer guidance to land owners seeking to sell or donate land, or create a conservation restriction, collaborate with the Community Preservation Committee to buy land for conservation, work with other conservation organizations, and pursue educational efforts such as newspaper articles, public recreational walks on conserved land, and occasional public conferences.

View the current Plymouth Open Space Plan (PDF).

The Committee meets twice monthly with occasional exceptions. Meeting dates, times, agenda, and locations are posted on the Town Website. Members of the public are always welcome whether they are generally interested in land conservation or concerned about a specific piece of land.

Appointed Members

  Stephanie Silva, Chair, Planning Board Appointed
      Term expires: 2024
•    Diane Peck, Vice-Chair, Planning Board Appointed
      Term expires: 2023
•    Lois Post, Clerk, Select Board Appointed
     Term expires: 2024
•    Deborah Iaquinto, Planning Board Appointed
     Term expires: 2025
•    Andrea Dickinson, Planning Board Appointed
     Term expires: 2024
•    Brian Harrington, Conservation Commission Appointed
     Term expires: 2025
•    John Hammond, Conservation Commission Appointed
      Term expires: 2024
•    Nathan Michael, Select Board Appointed
     Term expires: 2026
•    Carl Donaldson, Planning Board Appointed
      Term expires: 2024