Plymouth Energy Committee Goals - 2018 - Initially Amended December 2020 and Finalized February 2021


  1. Meet with DPW Director and/or Facilities Manager to discuss ways to improve the energy efficiency at existing town buildings, and how energy efficiency can be made a priority in future construction of town buildings.
  2. Ramp up efforts to reach out and educate both residents and local businesses regarding the benefits of Mass Save programs. Also research potential opportunities to benefit from Mass Save programs on a municipal level.
  3. Meet with the Community Resources Director to discuss the possibility of installing an air curtain at the South Street Library front doors.
  4. Achieve Green Community designation for the Town of Plymouth.


  1. Explore the potential of installing solar canopies on school and town-owned parking lots. Specifically, determine where these projects may be feasible, and consider the potential structure of lease/ownership and energy production agreements.
  2. Provide updates to the ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system (GMSPS) bylaw as needed.
  3. Explore the possibility of Plymouth acquiring streetlights, currently leased through Eversource, and converting them to LED technology, with particular emphasis on understanding the cost/benefit trade-offs and ROI.
  4. Explore the potential of installing ground-mounted solar on landfills.


  1. Explore bringing the energy efficiency program under town control, either directly or through a consultant. This would be similar to the Cape Light Compact program.