Plymouth's Electric Vehicle Charging Network

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EV) grows, the accessibility of electric charging stationsPlymouths Electric Vehicle Charging Network in both private and public places gives communities an economic and environmental advantage. These stations provide drivers an incentive to come into places in our area where they can easily charge up while shopping, sightseeing, or dining - and ultimately drive longer distances. EV drivers are encouraged to visit America's Home-Town, knowing they will be able to charge their cars while they enjoy their day. This infrastructure also gives employees of nearby companies an opportunity to seek alternative commuting options. Electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving, thereby reducing air pollution considerably. In addition, EV's are substantially quieter than conventional-fueled vehicles, making for a more peaceful environment in our more densely populated areas in Town.

The eleven, two-port charging stations are the result of several grant programs developed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, known as the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP), The Town of Plymouth's Office of Community Development and Planning Department, and the charging unit vendor (ChargePoint). With cooperation from the private business sector and the Municipality, Plymouth's electric fueling infrastructure system continues to expand throughout the Town. The goal is to make Plymouth the Southshore destination for EV owners throughout Massachusetts and the Northeast.