Select Board


The Town of Plymouth Select Board consists of five members elected for three-year overlapping terms. The Select Board is the chief executive body of the Town. Among their general powers and duties are:

  • Adopt policy directives and guidelines.
  • Enact rules and regulations to implement its policies.
  • Review the annual proposed operating and capital budgets submitted by the Town Manager.
  • Act as the licensing authority.
  • Approve all collective bargaining agreements.
  • Responsible, through the Town Manager for the efficient and orderly operation of all agencies of the town except those under the direction of another elected town agency.
  • Investigate or authorize the Town Manager, or another town officer or agency, to investigate the conduct of any town department, office, or agency.
  • Meet jointly with elected boards of the town for the purpose of sharing information.
  • Appoint the Town Manager, town counsel, registrars of voters, election officers, constables, and members of all multiple-member boards, committees, and commissions except as otherwise provided in the Charter and/or the Town Bylaws.

Elected Members

  • Richard J Quintal, Jr., Chair
    Term expires: 2026
  • Kevin Canty, Vice Chair
    Term expires: 2026
  • Charlie Bletzer
    Term expires: 2025
  • Harry Helm
    Term expires: 2024
  • John Mahoney Jr.
    Term expires: 2025