White Horse Beach Parking Committee



The Town of Plymouth recognizes the requests of White Horse Beach residents to assist in adequately controlling parking in the White Horse Beach area, particularly in the summer months. Problems of inadequate residential parking, competing visitor parking, and parking in areas that are causing concerns and frustrations that are escalating. The White Horse Beach Parking Committee shall research parking plans in coastal areas with cluster development and shall develop possible strategies to mitigate or improve the seasonal parking situation.


The White Horse Beach Parking Committee shall put together a proposal for the WHB area in and around Taylor Avenue that will provide parking for taxpayers in the area, visitors to the area, and residents of the area. The proposal shall include an assessment, a plan for implementation, a timeline, enforcement procedures, administrative procedures, any staffing needs, and a projected revenues/expenditure proforma budget, as well as other ancillary details. The proposal will consider the development, management, and operation of on and off-street parking, as well as any structured parking (public lots or private lots), directional and informational signage, transit services (i.e. shuttle), and other parking needs that will balance residential and visitor needs.

Appointed Members

  • Don Smith, Chair
  • Alice Baker
  • Michael Ahern
  • Christine A. Bostek
  • Nacy Carini
  • Cheryl Damiano
  • Ron Dobrowski
  • Anna Fish
  • Joe Morrill
  • Charlie O'Rouke