It is the mission of the Water Division to manage the physical water infrastructure of the town. To design, construct, operate, and maintain the water system in a manner that provides maximum benefit to the human and environmental health and safety of the community. To deliver its product in an efficient manner that is both technologically feasible and cost-effective. To always maintain the highest legal and ethical standards in the course of completing its mission.

Report a Concern

Report non-emergency problems and concerns to the Town of Plymouth right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, powered through SeeClickFix. Use SeeClickFix to report quality-of-life concerns such as potholes, road drainage/flooding, water issues, paving issues, and more. 

Outdoor Watering Restrictions in Effect

Outdoor watering restrictions are in effect for the Town of Plymouth Public Water System. Please see the Watering Restrictions page for additional information and the current watering schedule. 

Hydrant Flushing in West Plymouth Pressure Zone

As part of the annual flushing program, the Water Division began flushing hydrants in the West Plymouth Pressure Zone the week of April 10, 2023. 

Weather permitting, all flushing will begin at 7:30 A.M. and continue as late as 8:00 P.M. Flushing in West Plymouth will take approximately 6 -8 weeks to complete. Freezing weather may cause delays. Please see the anticipated flushing schedule for a general guide of areas being flushed. 

The West Plymouth Zone encompasses all areas west of Standish Avenue and Westerly Road out to the Carver town line. This pressure zone has hydrants with red bonnets. See the attached map for limits of the West Plymouth Pressure Zone.

You may notice a severe drop in pressure while hydrants are flowing.

Customers are advised that some discoloration of the water is to be expected if you draw water while we are flushing near your home. If this occurs, you should wait until we are out of the area and then run cold water from the faucet nearest to the water meter for several minutes and it should clear up.

As a precaution, customers are urged to check their water for discoloration prior to washing laundry. Should a load of laundry be stained by rusty water, contact the Water Division office for recommended cleaning instructions.

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