Volunteer for a Board / Committee

Volunteers are and always have been, an integral part of Plymouth Town Government. It is volunteers, elected or appointed, who serve on committees that give of their time and talents and make policies that shape the future of the Town.

Select Board Appointed Positions

Do you have a special interest in a particular area? Do you have a special talent that you would be willing to share? Would you just like to be involved? Complete the Select Board's Volunteer Application online, if you are interested in serving in one of the many boards and committees in the Town of Plymouth. Learn more about all of the Boards and Committees by visiting their web pages.

Cable Advisory Committee (2 Vacant Seats): The Cable Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing complaints, suggestions, and issues raised relative to the cable system, the licensee, and the services provided, and to make recommendations to the Select Board on such matters. The Committee meets on an as-needed basis and will reconvene in August/September 2023.

Natural Resources & Coastal Beaches Committee (1 Vacant Seat - Citizen At-Large): The Natural Resources & Coastal Beaches Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Select Board on matters relating to the Town’s coastal and freshwater wetlands, barrier beaches, coastal plain ponds, and conservation properties that have beaches/waterfront. The Committee generally meets once or twice a month, depending on associated projects and topics. 

Water Conservation Committee (2 Vacant Seats): The Water Conservation Committee works in close collaboration with the Plymouth Water Division and Public Works Department to advocate, promote, educate, and bring awareness to Plymouth officials, employees, residents, and businesses on the importance of Water Conservation and how everyone plays an important role. Currently, the Water Conservation Committee is in a reformation period and the Committee as a whole will determine the best dates and times to meet moving forward. 

The following Select Board-appointed boards and committees currently have vacancies; apply before August 1, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. The Select Board will consider appointments at the August 8, 2023 meeting at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall, 26 Court Street. 

Memorials Advisory Committee (3 Vacant Seats):
This Memorials Advisory Committee to the Select Board makes recommendations regarding proposed memorials on Town Property. The Memorials Advisory Committee is being reformed, due to the Committee being inactive for several years. 

Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation (1 Vacant Seat):

The Plymouth Development Corporation (PDC) was created in 2002 as a quasi-public corporation for the Town of Plymouth by Chapter 182 of the Acts of 2002 (“Special Act”).  The name was changed to the Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation in 2008. In this Special Act, the Massachusetts legislature gave the corporation the following charge:

It is the purpose of the corporation created by this act to aid the town, private enterprises and nonprofit organizations, and other public agencies in the speedy and orderly development or redevelopment of unused, underused or underdeveloped areas, and in the development, operation, and management of facilities and infrastructure necessary to support the economic vitality of the development zone. 

The development zone is a geographical area that encompasses the areas in the Town of Plymouth known locally as the Plymouth Downtown/Waterfront District and portions of the North Plymouth Village Center.

The PGDC is managed by a seven-member volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the Plymouth Select Board.  All members of the Board are Plymouth residents or owners of property or business establishments located in the development zone.  By design, members of the Board have educations and experience in the fields of law, finance, real estate, tourism, local government or planning.  The PGDC Board generally meets on a bi-weekly basis throughout the year.

Energy Committee (2 Vacant Alternate Seats): The Energy Committee's mission is to encourage and facilitate energy conservation, energy-efficient practices, and the use of sustainable energy in the Town of Plymouth, including public buildings, properties, and residential homes. The Energy Committee is comprised of five members and up to two alternate members that are appointed by the Select Board for three-year overlapping terms. The Energy Committee meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall. 

Residents are also able to submit a letter of interest, outlining the rationale as to why they would like to be appointed. Residents may also submit a resume, although that is not required, to Anthony Senesi, Assistant to the Select Board/Town Manager. either via email to Anthony Senesi or at the Town Manager's Office at Plymouth Town Hall, 26 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02360. Questions? Call 508-322-3383

Planning Board Appointed Positions

The Planning Board seeks citizens interested in serving on the permanent Cedarville, Plymouth Center, and West Plymouth Steering Committees.  The Steering Committees are charged with implementing the various Village Master Plans and advocating for community needs within each village. The Steering Committees typically meet once a month.

The Planning Board seeks citizens interested in serving as a Planning Board Alternate.  The alternate would attend Planning Board meetings and fill in as necessary.  The term for this appointment is one year.  The Planning Board meets on Wednesday evenings.

The Planning Board also seeks citizens interested in serving on the following committees:

  • Plymouth Center Steering Committee
  • Land Use and Acquisition Committee
  • West Plymouth Steering Committee
  • Planning Board Alternate

If you have any specific questions regarding these committees, please contact the Office of Planning and Development at 508-747-1620, ext. 10141.

Citizens interested in being considered should send a letter of interest to the Plymouth Planning Board, 26 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02360.