Committee of Precinct Chairs (COPC)


According to the Town Meeting Handbook, the Committee of Precinct Chairs (COPC) may from time to time appoint subcommittees of itself or committees of Town Meeting members to review Town by-laws, Town Meeting rules, and for such other purposes as they shall deem appropriate and shall make recommendations to the Representative Town Meeting and/or the Moderator at least annually. 

The Committee also may perform other duties designated to facilitate the business of Town Meeting. In addition to any other powers conferred upon it by the representative Town Meeting, the Committee of Precinct Chairs shall periodically review the rules of procedure that govern the conduct of the representative Town Meeting and report its finding to the representative Town Meeting at least annually.

The precinct chairpersons shall meet together within forty-five (45) days following each town election and shall organize as a Committee of Precinct Chairs, electing a Chairperson and a Clerk.