Does the Animal Control Department dispose of dead animals?

Domestic Animals

Animal Control does not remove and dispose of domestic/personal animals.

Please contact your veterinarian for assistance and recommendations.


The Animal Control Department will remove deceased animals that are creating a traffic hazard from public ways only.

Animal Control may remove deceased rabies vector wildlife from private property (such as bats, coyotes, raccoons, fox, skunks, etc.) only if there was a potential exposure to a person or pet, such as a bite or scratch. Removal is done to have the animal tested for rabies. You may also have an animal tested on your own- please contact the department for information.

Animal Control does not remove deceased animals that do not fit into the above categories from private property, and you will need to dispose of it yourself. If you have to remove a deceased animal from your property, avoid using bare hands when handling the carcass. Place the animal in a plastic bag or garbage bag, and dispose of the animal with your routine trash. For larger animals free of disease, you may dig a hole on your property deep enough so curious coyotes won't dig it up, typically about 3 feet deep or place it in a wooded area on your property, or property you have permission to use from the owner, far from people, pets, homes, etc. Expect that coyotes and other scavenging animals will be arriving in short order to feed on the carcass.

A final option is to contact a wildlife removal company to remove the animal for you for a fee. There are a number of options available online- Animal Control cannot by law recommend a specific company.

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