Does Animal Control handle injured wildlife?

Animal Control will evaluate injured wildlife.  If necessary, injured wildlife will be transported to the Cape Wildlife Center.  This is the only center near us so if they are not open or not excepting animals the Animal Control Office (ACO) doesn’t have another facility for this.  There is no mandate under state law that ACOs are required to handle injured wildlife, so this is a service not required but is provided when ACO is on duty.  If it is after hours leave the animal alone and leave a voicemail on our machine and the situation will be evaluated when the ACO is on-duty.

If it is injured or is truly orphaned, the animal needs care from a wildlife rehabilitator.  For your safety and the safety of the animal, contact Animal Control or a wildlife rehabilitator before helping an injured or orphaned animal.  It is against the law to care for wildlife yourself, and only a licensed wildlife rehabilitator can provide the care needed to return the animal to the wild where it belongs.  Please see the Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators tab.  Always consult a professional before attempting the Capture and Transport of Injured or Orphaned Wildlife.

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