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Black Cat Preserve

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Black Cat Preserve Trail Map (PDF)

The Black Cat Preserve located along Black Cat Road was acquired in 2016. The Preserve was originally multiple individual parcels held by different land owners, however, since its creation, these abutting parcels have been merged to create the 63-acre swath of protected open space we have today. The Preserve holds unique features such as two reclaimed cranberry bogs, significant topographic changes including a high ridge overlooking Brigg's Reservoir, and has frontage along the Reservoir. There is a small dock in this area that is slated for removal due to it being structurally unsafe- please stay off it!

The area held a crisscrossing network of trails originally utilized for future selective tree harvest, however the town acquired the land prior to any cutting. Since the Town has managed the land, redundant trails have been closed and allowed to revegetate, and several new trails have been cut in order to provide public access throughout the entire area. The Department received a Department of Conservation and Recreation Trails Grant to assist with access; this money was used to remove water control structures from the now-retired cranberry bogs on the property, and construct two beautiful pedestrian footbridges over the open channels.

Length: 2.5 miles of trails

Trail Surface: Dirt, Bog Road, 2 Wooden Footbridges, 1 Wooden Dock

Preserve Size: 63 acres