Committee Meeting Information

  • Date:  3rd Wednesday of each month, then more often before Town Meeting (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Time:  7PM (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Location: Great Hall, 2nd floor of Town Hall, 26 Court Street (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Broadcast: Live on PACTV's Plymouth Government Channel (Comcast 15, Verizon 47)

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September 13Agenda----- 
September 12AgendaPacket 
September 5



August 29AgendaPacket 
August 22AgendaPacket 
August 15 - Cancelled   
July 11AgendaPacket 
May 16AgendaPacket 
Saturday, April 7 @ 7:30AM PNHS (before Town Meeting)Agenda---Minutes
March 29AgendaPacketMinutes
Thursday, March 8AgendaPacketMinutes
March 7AgendaPacketMinutes
February 28 - BUDGET HEARINGAgendaPacketMinutes
February 21AgendaPacketMinutes
February 7AgendaPacketMinutes
January 31AgendaPacketMinutes
January 24AgendaPacketMinutes
January 17Agenda---Minutes
Tuesday, January 9Agenda---Minutes
Wednesday, December 6 @ 6:30PM PNHS (before Town Meeting)Agenda---Minutes
Monday, December 4 @ 6PM Shallop Room, Town Hall-4th floorAgenda---Minutes
November 15AgendaPacketMinutes
Saturday, October 21 @ 7:30AM PNHS (before Town Meeting)Agenda---Minutes
October 18AgendaPacketMinutes
September 20AgendaPacketMinutes
Thursday, Sept 14AgendaPacketMinutes
September 13AgendaPacketMinutes
August 30AgendaPacketMinutes
August 23AgendaPacketMinutes
August 16AgendaPacketMinutes
July 12AgendaPacketMinutes
June 21AgendaPacketMinutes
May 17 - CANCELLEDCancelled------
April 19AgendaPacketMinutes
Saturday, April 1 @ 7:15AM PNHS (before Town Meeting)AgendaPacketMinutes
March 1AgendaPacketMinutes
February 22AgendaPacketMinutes
February 15-Budget HearingAgendaPacketMinutes
February 8AgendaPacketMinutes
February 1AgendaPacketMinutes
January 25Agenda


Revenue Report

January 18AgendaPacketMinutes
Tuesday, January 10AgendaPacketMinutes
December 21AgendaPacketMinutes
November 16Agenda----Minutes
Saturday, October 15 @ 7:30AM (before Town Meeting)Agenda----Minutes
September 28Rev AgendaRev PacketMinutes
Thursday, September 15AgendaPacketMinutes
September 14AgendaPacketMinutes
September 7AgendaPacketMinutes
August 31AgendaPacketMinutes
August 24AgendaPacketMinutes
August 17AgendaPacketMinutes
July 13Agendarev PacketMinutes
June 15 - CANCELLED---------
May 18Agenda---Minutes
Saturday, April 2 - Town MeetingAgenda---Minutes
March 30AgendaPacketMinutes
March 16AgendaPacketMinutes
March 9AgendaPacketMinutes
Thursday, March 3AgendaPacketMinutes
March 2AgendaPacketMinutes
February 24 - Budget HearingAgenda & Hearing NoticePacketMinutes
February 10AgendaPacketMinutes
February 3AgendaPacketMinutes
January 27AgendaPacketMinutes
January 20AgendaPacketMinutes
Tues January 5 - Joint Budget Meeting with BOS & SCAgenda----Minutes
Wed December 16AgendaPacketMinutes
Wed November 18Agenda----Minutes
Sat October 17 @ 7:30AM @ PNHS - Band RoomAgenda----Minutes
Thurs October 15 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
Wed September 30 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
Thurs September 17 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
Wed September 16 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
Thurs September 10 @ 6:30PM - CANCELLED------------
Wed September 9 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
Thurs September 3 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
Wed September 2 @ 6:30PMAgendaPacketMinutes
August 19AgendaPacketMinutes
July 15AgendaPacketMinutes
June 17AgendaPacketMinutes
May 20AgendaPacketMinutes
April 11AgendaPacketMinutes
March 18AgendaPacketMinutes
March 4AgendaPacketMinutes
February 25AgendaPacketMinutes
February 11AgendaPacketMinutes
February 4AgendaPacketMinutes
January 28AgendaPacketMinutes
January 21AgendaPacketMinutes
January 14AgendaPacketMinutes

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