Current Rates

Cemetery/Crematory Division
Schedule Of Fees As Of June 2021

Grave Lots Residents: $800.00
Grave Lots Non Residents: $1000.00
(per single grave; includes perpetual care)
Deed Transfer Fee: $150.00

Opening & Closing Fees:
(no burials on Sundays and certain holidays)

Full Burials (Monday-Friday) $675.00
Full Burials (Saturdays & Holidays) $925.00
Cremate Burials (Monday-Friday) $250.00
Cremate Burials (Saturdays & Holidays) $375.00
Infant Burials (Monday-Friday) $250.00
Infant Burials (Saturdays & Holidays) $375.00

Winter Rates: Plus $100.00 only if snow or frost removal is required.


Adult $250.00
Child (3-10 years) $100.00
Infant/Stillborn (up to 3 years) $0.00 (no charge)
Holding Fee per day $100.00
Viewing Room Rental $75.00
Cremation Containers $35.00
Pouches $25.00
Disaster Pouches $50.00
Additional Urns (three or more) $25.00 each
Pre-Need Cremation Vouchers $250.00


Foundation charge is $150.00 per square foot. Setting fee for markers
not requiring a foundation is $100.00. No charge for installation of
veteran markers.