Purchasing Burial Lots

Burial plots may be purchased by contacting the Cemetery Division.  A single grave is $800.00 residents/ $1000.00 non-residents (this fee includes a one time perpetual care fee of $400.00 residents/ $500.00 non-residents).  A single grave can contain either one coffin and two cremation urns or 3 cremation urns.  Our cemeteries do not allow two coffins in one grave.  Payment may be made by check (made payable to the Town of Plymouth), money order or cash.  The town does not accept credit cards for the purchase of graves.  The only town owned cemetery with lots for sale for full or cremation burials is Vine Hills Cemetery.  In addition, Manomet cemetery has cremation only lots available.  All other town owned cemeteries do not have lots for sale and will only accept burials on lots which were previously purchased. NOTE:  please know you must have an appointment to purchase lots.  The office must be called in advance so we may set up a time.  Also note that graves will not be sold during inclement weather unless it is for an immediate burial.