SNAP - Food Assistance

SNAP Applications for food assistance can be completed at the Council on Aging. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 508-830-4230. Be sure to bring the appropriate documents when you come in for your appointment.

This is a list of documents needed to complete applications:

ID:  Driver’s License for anyone over the age of 18 living in the home (all must be present to sign app.)

Proof of Residency: (any of the following) Mortgage, tax, homeowners insurance, or lease or rental agreement, utility bills, rent receipt, or lease (if homeless: vehicle registration or letter from shelter or person you stay with, temporarily)

Income: (for all over 18 living in the home)
•    Copies of Regular Social Security Income and/or Supplemental Security Income
•    Salary, paystubs for 1 month
•    Unemployment
•    Veterans Disability
•    Income from any business or profession
•    Trust income: interest/dividends
•    Pensions/ annuities
•    TANF or any other assistance
•    Alimony/ support 
•    Rental income: if someone rents a room or other from you (lease or cancelled checks)

Expenses: will only be applied with verification (documentation such as reciepts or bills)
•    Utility and Fuel company Bills: electric, oil, wood, coal, telephone (including cellular) garbage disposal
•    Mortgage bill, or rental/ lease agreement
•    Property taxes
•    Alimony/ Support paid by you: court order
•    Home owners insurance
•    Copays or Premiums for medical insurance and prescriptions
•    Mileage to/from doctors appointments