Subsidized Senior Housing Inquiries

Seniors interested in applying for Subsidized Housing in Plymouth throught the Plymouth Housing Authority can do so at the Center. Applicants must schedule an appointment by calling us at 508-830-4230, and must come with the appropriate documents needed to complete the application. Applications may also be completed online, please let us know if you would like assistance with process and we will be glad to help!

Applications can be picked up at the PLYMOUTH HOUSING AUTHORITY at 130 Court Street, Plymouth MA 02360. Their phone number is (508) 746- 2105. Their website is

This is a list of documents needed to complete housing applications (Needed for each household member)

•    Copies of Regular Social Security Income and/or Supplemental Security Income
•    Salary, wages including overtime (at least one month)
•    Unemployment
•    Veterans Disability
•    Income from any business or profession
•    Trust income: interest/dividends
•    Pensions/ annuities
•    TANF or any other assistance
•    Alimony/ support 
Expenses: will only be applied with verification (receipts)
•    Extraordinary expenses required by employer
•    Care of child or sick person if for employment
•    Medical expenses IN EXCESS OF 3% of GROSS income
•    Utility and Fuel company Bills: cable, electric, oil
•    Mortgage Bill (or rental/lease agreement)
•    Property taxes

•    Own or part own home, mobile home or any other property, documents of FAIR MARKET VALUE (tax assessment)
•    If transfer of ownership of a property occurred within the last 4yrs, VERIFICATION OF SALE must be included.
•    Checking account/Savings account: most recent bank statement showing name of bank, acct number and balance
•    Savings certificate, credit union shares, stocks and bonds: most recent bank statement showing name of bank, acct number and balance
•    Automobiles: registration number, color and year. 

•    Documentation of DISABILITY from physician documenting physical or mental impairment expected to last at least 6 months. AND  attach a letter stating what would most benefit you
•    VETERANS: a copy of discharge or separation papers.
•    BIRTH CERTIFICATE & SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS (for each person on household)
•    2 references (unrelated and do not share household)
•    1 emergency contact
•    Rental History for 5 yrs. 
•    Copy of taxes filed last year
•    Picture ID

NOTE: There are 4 applications for the Plymouth Housing Authority

State Application
o    Cherry Hill 1 - 128 Court St. Plymouth MA 02360
o    Castle Court - Castle St.
o    Southfield - 105 South St.

Federal Application
o    Northfield - 84 Nicks Rock Rd

Federal Application
o    High Cliff - 23 Prince St. Plymouth Ma. 02360

Cherry Hill 2 Private management company Peabody Properties in Braintree
o    128 Court St.