Energy Committee

Mission Statement

Our modern world is a world run on electricity.  In that energy and energy use are considered critical issues for the economic and environmental health of communities in our modern world, and that energy expenditures and changes in the energy industry present issues and opportunities, this Energy Committee was formed by the Selectmen of the Town of Plymouth and later approved at Town Meeting to advise on policy issues and recommend energy related initiatives for the Town.

It is the mission of the Energy Committee for the Town of Plymouth to provide comprehensive oversight of the energy use in the Town as well as constantly analyze new opportunities with the potential for the Town (this includes municipalization, aggregation, and renewable green energy).  The Committee shall also educate the residents on locally available resources to protect our environment, improve the energy quality and security for residents of the Town, and to maximize other public benefits of energy production, consumption, and distribution within the town.

This effort shall be executed based upon the need for energy information for prudent energy agenda decision-making for the Town of Plymouth, specifically.  It shall also be in contemplation of the evolution of comparable Energy Committee initiatives in all area Towns, where collaboration, cooperation, and information exchange can be carried out on a County and inter-Countywide basis with the intent to provide the maximum benefits of energy infrastructure and capacity for the residents of Plymouth, the people of Massachusetts, and our Nation.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patrick Farah Energy Officer (508) 747-1620 ext. 10204

Committee Members

Anatol Zuukerman
Everett Malaguti
Ashley Sorrondeguy
Jack Willett
Hollyce States
Ronald Dobrowski
Margie Burgess - Chair
John McNally