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Paddle sports (canoe, kayak and SUP) are a great way to explore the inland and shore side waters of Plymouth. With the increase in popularity we have seen an increase in calls relating to paddle sports. We have found that boaters purchase a vessel and are excited to get on the water but don't have the necessary safety equipment. A life jacket and audible signaling devise (whistle) are required. Life jackets are required to be worn from September 15th to May 15th. Click here is a free course which is good for new and experienced paddlers.

We also have "If found Contact" stickers in the office. Feel free to stop by and pick one up. Every time a kayak goes adrift it generates a response from the Harbormaster and the USCG searching for someone in the water. Having a sticker can enable us to identify and find the status of the owner quickly.


Boating Safety Course 

If you are interested in attending our free Boating Safety Course please fill out the following form. Class is typically held once a year but if we get enough interest we may add an additional class. We will contact you when the class is scheduled. For additional classes check the Massachusetts Environmental Police webpage. If you have multiple household members who would like to attend the class please fill out a form for each person. Participants must be above the age of 12 in order to take the test. It may be up to a year before we contact you. If you have any questions please contact us.

Click here for the form.

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