Dredging and Mooring Plan

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The mooring field consists of federal and town areas and there respective responsibilities for dredging. The federal areas include the channel and moorings east to the breakwall. The town areas are those to the west of the channel


There will be an informational meeting on April 23rd, 2019 at Plymouth North High School Auditorium, 6pm. The dredging and mooring plans will be discussed as well as time for questions. The notice to mooring holders is attached below. 

The next mobilization will take place October 2019 with dredging taking place until mid January. Most of the work will take place in the federal mooring field. There will be several dredges and barges and it will be quite active. 


For those who want to know more about what you're seeing we've added a few links.

Tug Aegean Sea 

Tug Realist

Barge Thomas Desmond


Dredge Sampson III


Plan showing dredging areas