This is the start of a side project to capture some of the history of Plymouth Harbor. Most of the information thus far has been gathered from Town Reports which are available online from the Plymouth Library. The page will be chronological from oldest to newest. If you have any suggestions, history or pictures please get in touch by email. More information will be filled in as time allows so check back every now and then.

Link to the Wharves of Plymouth Starts at around 1706 and covers the warves that once lined the harbor.

1896 - based on the "constantly increasing traffic in our harbor" the first Harbor Master was appointed Ellis Whiting Harlow.

1909 - Harbormaster Charles D. Craig

1911 - Harbormaster Alfred Holmes

1917 - Goose Point Channel dredging completed almost up to the canning plant and is expected to be extended in the future.

1918 - Quite a number of foreigen steamers delivering sisal to the Plymouth Cordage Company. Supervisor of Shores (Alfred Holmes) reports clams were plentiful and of good quality, estimated 7,000 busshels taken. 

1925 - Alfred Holmes Deceased December 16, 1925

1926 - Harbormaster Charles D. Craig

1927 - Harbormaster Orrin C. Bartlett

1937 - Orrin C. Bartlett Deceased October 10, 1937

1938 - Harbormaster Elmer P. Boutin

1958 - Harbormaster Donald L. McDonald

1962 - Harbormaster Angelo G. Brigida. Harbor Committee formed May 1962

1963 - Bylays Started.

1987 - Harbormaster Ralph Savery

2001 - Harbormaster Joe Ritz

2005 - Harbormaster Tim Routhier

2009 Harbormaster Chad Hunter