Highway Division Projects

Gravel Road Grading

The Highway Division has two road graders and maintains  approximately 85 miles of gravel roads throughout the Town. Road Grading is generally performed during Spring, Summer, and Fall months. Every effort is made to keep roads in good condition. Roads are graded on a routine and rotational basis. Please be patient when roads have deteriorated. We will return as quickly as we can. Gravel roads deteriorate rapidly due to excessive speeds, combined with inclement whether. Please travel at reduced speeds on these roads in order to help maintain satisfactory road conditions and public safety. Road Grading is generally not performed during Winter  months when road conditions are frozen. Some roads are plowed with the Graders during this time which may help relieve poor conditions.

Drainage Repairs/Catch Basin Cleaning

The Highway Division undertakes routine repairs to stormwater drainage systems.  In many cases, catch basins are antiquated and hand built from blocks and brick.  Rebuilding structures varies from replacing frames and covers, repair of top sections to complete basin replacements. Skilled labor is used to perform these tasks. Drainage swales and other forms of  runoff easements may be cleared and regraded as necessary. If you observe street flooding or deteriorated collapsing structures, please report them to the Highway Division immediately.

Additionally,  the Division operates one catch basin cleaning truck.  Basins and piping systems which become clogged are cleaned with a basin cleaning truck, or jet rodding vactor system. There are thousands of  Catch Basins and Drainage systems throughout the Town. Many of the Storm Drainage systems consist of a series of Catch Basins, Drain Manholes, Piping systems, and some form of Leaching system to dispose of the storm water runoff. Sand, leaves, pine needles, and other debris all contibute to clogging these systems. Please make an effort to clear leaves and debris around the basin covers in your localized areas.

Large scale drainage projects are handled by the Engineering Division, and some work is performed by Private Contractors. Problems reported to the Highway Division will be investigated by Supervisory Personnel, or refered to the Engineering Division.

Street Sweeping

The Division operates three street sweepers from early Spring until the first Snowfall. Street sweeping provides necessary maintenance of the municipal stormwater system and protects our streams, lakes and ponds from excess siltation. In the Spring, sand is collected from main roads first, and then progresses into neighborhoods and subdivisions throughout the Summer.   The Downtown and Waterfront Districts are also Maintained on a routine basis. In addition, erosion runoff from storm washouts also requires seasonal maintenance. In the Fall, leaves and pineneedles are collected to keep drains open in preparation for Winter. Sweeping is performed systematically throughout the Town of Plymouth. Pleaase be patient with the operation. We will get to your area as quickly as we can.

Asphalt Repair Patching

The Highway Division provides routine general and emergency  repair services to roads and sidewalks throughout the Town. Repairs may consist of small to large potholes, trench repairs and repairs around storm drain systems. Repairs are generally made on a year round basis.   The Asphalt repair crew responds to Complaint Work Orders taken at the Highway Office generated from by calls from the general public.  Additionally,  utility trench road repair patches are made for the Water and Wastewater divisions.

Traffic Signs – Signals

The Traffic and Signage Department within The Highway Division produces all municipal street signs and maintains traffic markings, including crosswalks and downtown parking space markings. Additionally, they provide emergency assistance to  Police with street closings and detours, and provides traffic barricades for Holidays and  Events.

Roadside Brush Clearing

The Highway Division has several brush and grass  mowers used to maintain safe lines of sight along public ways in order to prevent accidents and to ensure public safety. Large scale brush and tree removal  problems are handled by the Tree Division. Private property owners are requested to maintain shrubs, bushes and veggitation on there properties to maintain safe lines of sight.

Solid Waste Collection

The Highway Division operates one large packer truck and performs solid waste collection at all municipal buildings (except School Dept. buildings) and throughout the downtown and waterfront areas. Additionally, trash is collected for Holidays and Events.

Litter Pickup

The Highway Division is not staffed to perform daily litter pickup along all of the Town’s public ways. We appreciate the cooperation of the public and businesses in keeping our Town clean and beautiful.