Plymouth Community Choice Power Supply Program

Plymouth residents and businesses have saved over $38.5 million on their electricity bills since 2017. The way you can save, is to make sure you opt-in.*
Plymouth Community Choice Power Supply Program Logo

*Please note the Department of Public Utilities has mandated that the Town of Plymouth provide the following disclaimer. "The Town of Plymouth does acknowledge that Basic Service rates change twice a year or more, depending on rate class. As a result, the aggregation rate may not always be lower than the Basic Service rate. The goal of the aggregation is to deliver savings over the life of the Program against Eversource Basic Service. However, such savings and future savings cannot be guaranteed."

The Community Choice Power Supply Program provides the Town of Plymouth residents and businesses a choice of supplier on their electricity bills. It shows clearly that Plymouth’s Community Choice Power Supply Program, listed with the Town seal, offers the lowest rates.* The Energy Switch website ( lists all available suppliers for Plymouth residents and businesses. Even the 100% renewable energy option is cheaper than any other choice.* 

Here are two easy steps to verify and sign up for the Community Choice Power Supply program:

  1. Residents can verify their supplier by viewing their Eversource Electric Bill on Page 2, Total Charges for Electricity – Supplier. If Dynegy is noted as the supplier, then no further action is required as they are already enrolled in Plymouth’s Program.
  2. If not, residents may call Dynegy at 866-220-5696 to sign up. To make the switch to 100% renewable energy supply, simply follow the Sign-Up link from the Energy Switch website and click the orange opt-in/opt-out button or call DYNEGY at the above number. You will need your Eversource account number to sign up.

Get Consistent Electricity Rates When You Opt-In. While the cost of electricity from other suppliers fluctuates – Eversource’s basic rate is expected to increase by 43% in January, from 17.8 cents/kWh to 25.6 cents/kWh – Plymouth’s Community Choice Power Supply rates will remain stable through October 2023 at 9.807 cents/kWh (Basic Rate) and 9.897 cents/kWh (100% Renewable Energy Rate). Get the best rate while supporting the renewable energy industry through Plymouth’s Community Choice Power Supply Program. 

Municipal Aggregation is the process by which a municipality or a group of municipalities purchase electricity in bulk from competitive electricity suppliers in lieu of the utility (in Plymouth’s case – Eversource). Municipal Aggregation provides municipalities with many benefits:

  • Lower electricity supply rates via group purchasing power.*
  • Pricing stability - long-term budget certainty.
  • Viable choice for “green products”.
  • Local control over contract terms.
  • Customers will continue to receive a single bill from their Local Distribution Company (LDC) (Eversource).
  • Customers will continue to contact their LDC for services issues (outages, etc.).
  • Customers can opt-out or back in throughout the contract without termination penalties.
  • Shelter residents from dubious offers.

Over 150 communities in Massachusetts have some type of Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program. Help your friends and family save*, and learn more about other programs in Massachusetts communities

The Mass Save Energy and Electricity Program has additional opportunities for savings on weatherization, heating and cooling, appliances, and more visit (