Press Release

Public Meetings – Temporary Protocols During COVID-19 State of Emergency
Effective Immediately, March 13, 2020
All public meetings shall be postponed unless there is a critical, time-sensitive action that must be taken, or a pending statutory deadline is approaching that could lead to adverse consequences to the public interest.
If a public meeting must be held, agendas shall be limited to only those items that are time-sensitive or required by statute.  All other business should be postponed until further notice.
All documentation or information required for a public hearing should be submitted electronically.  Paper copies should not be distributed to Board Members or the public at meetings.
The Town requests that all applicants and petitioners agree to extensions and/or waivers of statutory deadlines during the COVID-19 State of Emergency to allow for additional flexibility in conducting public business.
Meetings shall be scheduled in the largest meeting rooms available and all participants will be required to spread out and maintain distance between any other attendee.
When possible, only the chair and one staff person should attend in-person.  All other members and the public are encouraged to participate remotely.  The Town of Plymouth is in the process of establishing a remote participation infrastructure to conduct meetings via phone/video conferencing.  Additional instructions and information will be forthcoming.  Technology resources will be allocated based on the urgency of the business pending before the public bodies.  All attempts will be made to accommodate virtual meeting requests, but are not guaranteed.
Any applicants or interested members of the public that are waiting for a specific agenda item shall be instructed to spread out and wait in other parts of the building – lobbies, hallways, etc. until that item is before the public body. 
To the extent possible, agendas shall list a call-in number where interested members of the public may access the meeting remotely, and all attempts will be made to record and broadcast public meetings via PACtv and online streaming platforms.