Town Manager's Report - April 30, 2021

A complete copy of Town Manager Melissa Arrighi's latest report is available though the link below.  Highlights of the Report include:

-- Message from the Governor's Office about Reopening

-- Clark Road and Beaver Dam Road Speed Limits

-- Message from the Chamber of Commerce - Exciting Event

-- American Civil Liberties Union Issue

-- In Person Meetings

-- QnA:

  • Taxing Non-Profits
  • Reducing Taxes
  • Hate Group
  • Tree Over Power Lines
  • Redistricting
  • Housing Issue
  • Pickleball Court
  • Goldfish in Pond
  • Shared Work
  • Fencing in the Sand
  • Redbrook Looking for 4 way Stop
  • White Horse Beach Parking Sticker Program (multiple)
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