Please print the application, complete and submit to the Inspectional Services Department.  Payments are accepted in the form of check, money order or though our online payment portal. We DO NOT accept cash. Payments must be paid prior to application review or issuance. 



New Construction Application 
for use when applying for a new structure, residential or commercial.
*An approved zoning permit is required prior to submittal
New Residential Construction Checklist
Commercial Construction Checklist

Addition/Alteration/Demolition Permit Application 
Residential Addition Checklist
Commercial Construction Checklist

Demolition Packet 

*All additions, demolition, decks or any permits with a change to the footprint of the existing structure (repairs or new) require an approved zoning permit prior to applying for a building permit

Express Permit Application
 This application is to apply for insulation, windows, doors, siding, roofing and signs ONLY 
*Replacement Windows and/or Doors require documentation showing the U-values
*All signs must have an approved zoning permit prior to a building permit application being submitted.

Workers Comp Affidavit - to be completed and included with every building permit

Electrical Permit Application
Electrical Inspection 
Solar Requirements 
Solar Wiring Inspection Requirements

Plumbing Permit Application
Gas Permit Application
Plumbing & Gas Inspection

Sheet Metal Application
Solid Fuel Burning Application
Tent Permit Application

Trench Application
Trench Fact Sheet 
Trench Law
Trench Regulations 520 CMR
Department of Public Safety - Trench FAQ's
Note: This trench permit is not to be used in conjunction with any Board of Health activities (perc test, septic repair, septic installation) or Street Opening Permits.
Trench permits are required as of March 1, 2009.


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