2018 Long Beach Camping

Application Information:

The Department of Marine & Environmental Affairs will accept applications for overnight camping at Long Beach through Wednesday, August 1.  Completed applications must be submitted online or received in the Department of Marine & Environmental Affairs office by 4:00pm on August 1.  Applications received after 4:00pm on August 1 will not be included in the lottery.  Applications will not be accepted by email or fax.

Applicants must have a valid Plymouth Long Beach 4x4 sticker prior to applying for a camping permit. 

Applications will be randomly drawn in a lottery on Thursday, August 2 at 9:00am in the Cordage Room at Town Hall.  Attendance at the lottery is not required.  Applicants awarded camping permits will be contacted following the lottery. 

Camping dates for this season are the nights of Monday, August 20 through Saturday, August 25.  Each camping permit will be issued for up to 2 nights.  The applicant should indicate their preferred nights.  A second and third choice may also be indicated.

Camping is limited to 6 nights with a maximum of 36 people and 9 vehicles per night. 

The total number of campers allowed per permit is 8.  Names of all campers are required at the time of application.  Because of limits on the number of campers allowed to camp each night, additional campers can not be added once an application is submitted (names can be changed, but the number of campers cannot be increased).  The total number of vehicles allowed per permit is 2, and both must have a 4x4 sticker.

Camping is contingent on the completion of shorebird breeding activity and the presence of sufficient Natural Resources Staff.  Camping will only be permitted in designated areas.  Each party is required to have a self-contained toilet for camping.  Cook fires are allowed only within permitted hours.

How to Apply:

The application period has closed.

General Camping Information:

Camping is allowed only in the area designated by the Natural Resources staff.

Each group must have a self-contained toilet, which must be presented at check-in at the Crossover.  If you do not have a self-contained toilet, you will not be permitted to enter the camping area.  Emptying of toilets anywhere on Long Beach is strictly prohibited.

Only persons and vehicles listed on the camping permit are allowed to remain on the beach afer 7:00pm.  Like all other beach visitors, guests of campers must also leave by this time.

There is to be no driving of vehicles outside of the travel corridor at any time.  The launching of boats via vehicle over the flats is strictly prohibited.

There is no recreational driving of  vehicles on the beachfront between 7:00pm and 9:00am.  After 7:00pm, campers may drive off the beach if necessary (in case of emergency), however, the Crossover gate will not be opened for re-entry until 9:0am.

An approved camping permit will function as the open cook fire permit.  A separate cook fire permit issued by the Fire Department is NOT required.  Open cookfires are only allowed during certain periods throughout the day.  Grills are not considered “open” fires.

The MA Division of Fisheries & Wildlife required the Town to ban dogs from the Town properties north of the Day Parking Area from April 1 to September 30 in order to comply with the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act.  Therefore, dogs will not be allowed during camping.  Please se the "Information for Dog Owners" pamphlet for more information.

Additional camping information will be provided upon issuance of a camping permit.