Long Beach 4x4 Sticker Information

FY21 Long Beach 4x4 Sticker (Yellow)
Valid through June 30, 2021

FY22 Long Beach 4x4 Sticker
Required July 1, 2021
Valid through June 30, 2022
Regular $70
Senior/Handicapped $45
Stickers will be sold online or by mail only.  There will be no transactions at the Tax Collector's office at Town Hall.  Stickers will go on sale May 3rd, 2021.
Purchase beach stickers at this link

Before purchasing a 4x4 sticker, please review the Long Beach 4x4 Permit Policy.

For questions regarding purchasing Long Beach 4x4 stickers and/or beach stickers please call the Tax Collector's office at 508-747-1620 x10291.