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Welcome to Town of Plymouth Open Space Land.  As the Town acquires additional properties with designated trails they will be uploaded on this site.  In August/September 2015 trail head kiosks will be installed at the properties listed below (excluding Pilgrim Trail/Morton Park).  

Beaver Dam Conservation Area

The Beaver Dam Conservation Area is approximately 783 acres in area and provides stunning views of Little Island Pond and Great Island Pond. Both ponds provide numerous recreational opportunities with excellent habitat for freshwater fishing and bird watching. The Conservation Area also provides unique nature walks as it is composed of upland pine barrens; a rare ecosystem primarily found in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, Long Island, and Eastern New Jersey.

Miles of Trails: 2 miles on trail map, an additional 4 miles on adjacent public property
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map

Center Hill Preserve

The Center Hill Preserve is a 98-acre property fronting on Cape Cod Bay. The Preserve is divided into two areas separated by Center Hill Road: Center Hill West and Center Hill East.  

Center Hill West is a thickly wooded upland habitat featuring an accessible town-owned and actively operated cranberry bog. Narrow winding trails loop through the Preserve and are marked with white trail blazers. This part of the Preserve holds a rolling topography resulting in a prime location to view white-tailed deer making their way throughout the woods.

Center Hill East is 28 acres of coastal land and has approximately 1/2 mile of accessible coastline. The beach is considerably rocky and while it doesn't provide an excellent site for swimming and bathing, it provides excellent unobstructed views of Cape Cod Bay. Additionally it is becoming an increasingly popular place for Harbor and Gray Seals to haul out of the water to rest. Should you see these animals, please do not disturb them, and per the Marine Mammal Protection Act, ensure you stay at least 150feet away at all times.

Miles of Trails: 2.4 miles of trails
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map

Clear Pond Conservation Area

The Clear Pond Conservation Area is West Plymouth's only dedicated conservation area. It is approximately 12 acres of restored cranberry bogs and provides a 0.6 mile circular trail that navigates around the bog and passes along Clear Pond. Approximately 150 feet of frontage on Clear Pond is accessible via this Conservation Area.

Miles of Trails: 0.65 miles of trails
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map

Crawley Woodlands Preserve

The Crawley Woodlands Preserve is approximately 70 acres in area, located off Billington Street. The Preserve is situated between two excellent fishing ponds: Lout Pond and Billington Sea. The majority of the Preserve is comprised of steep rolling hills peaking in the center of the Preserve and descending to the two ponds. In addition to the steep topography, glacial erratics can be found throughout the area. The main trail that will take you throughout the Preserve will take you over these steep hills and can be strenuous to traverse when damp or frozen. However, where the trail concludes at Billington Sea an excellent view of the pond with a sitting area can be found.

Lout Pond Road, a fire road that runs through the preserve and exits onto private property at the northern and southern edges, and Branch's Point Road which runs along the northern boundary of the preserve are both privately owned. We ask that you please respect the rights of the property owners and do not walk down these roads at the boundaries of the Preserve.

Miles of Trails: 2.5 miles of trails
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map

Eel River Preserve and Russell Mill Pond Conservation Area

The Eel River Preserve was is the product of a joint effort of numerous local, state, and federal agencies. 1.5 miles of the Eel River stream channel and 40 acres of cranberry bogs were restored to their native status. 17,000 Atlantic White Cedar trees were planted which will, upon maturity, make the Preserve the largest Atlantic White Cedar swamp in the state. A flat 2 mile trail walks the perimeter of the Preserve, beginning at the trailhead located at the corner of Long Pond Road and Boot Pond Road. Additional trails extend into the woods at the southern end of the Preserve. Here, the property abuts that owned by the Nature Conservancy. Trails connect and allow for access via the Conservancy property to Hoyt Pond.

The Preserve also extends across Long Pond Road, following the route of the Eel River; here, the Preserve enters wooded upland. A major feature of the restoration project can be seen here as an old dam was removed and a beautiful pedestrian footbridge installed in its place. This bridge provides incredible views of the restored river, as well as opportunities to view wildlife ranging from white-tailed deer, to red-tailed hawks. This bridge also connects the Eel River Preserve to the Russel Mill Pond Preserve while provides miles of additional walking trails.The Russell Mill Pond Conservation Area, is a 68 acre area along the east side of Russell Mill Pond. The Preserve abuts the Eel River Preserve and miles of trails wander through upland woods and along the coast of Russell Mill Pond.

Miles of Trails: 2.5 miles of trails
Directions to parking area Eel River Preserve Side:  mapquest map
Directions to parking area Russell Mill Pond:  Parking available at the South Eastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance (SEMPBA) headquarters located at 204 Long Pond Road.

Hedges Pond Recreational Area and Preserve

The Hedge's Pond Preserve is a 105 acre site situation on and surrounding Hedge's Pond. It features approximately two miles of walking trails, and a beach on the pond, as well as numerous recreational facilities: a basketball court, two tennis courts, a playground, a small athletic field, playground, beach volleyball court, horseshoe pits, restrooms, and lifeguard coverage on the beach.

The hiking trails walk through the woods through old growth forest around the pond with several descents to the water. The main beach boasts beautiful unrestricted vistas of the pond, which is completely undeveloped.

The facility is used by the Town of Plymouth's Recreation Department for day camps, and activities; please see for more details. The Preserve is closed to the public Monday-Friday from 8:30am-12:30pm from the third week in June through the third week in August due to youth activities. The park is also staffed on the weekends from 9:00am-5:00pm.

Please note that this facility requires a sticker or parking fee for access during the summer months.

Miles of Trails: 2.25 miles of trails
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map

Russell Sawmill Pond Conservation Area

The Russel and Sawmill Preserve is a 53 acre tract of land located in North Plymouth. Trails wind throughout the Preserve and provide pedestrian access to both Russel Pond and Sawmill Pond; both of these ponds are excellent fishing locations and are seasonally stocked with trout by the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Trails south of the ponds wind through a unique upland habitat comprised of old growth mixed forest. Towering white pines are found throughout the Preserve and create a understory that is mostly devoid of vegetation; a feature not typically found in southeastern Massachusetts.

Miles of Trails: 1.5 miles of trails
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map
Town Forest Conservation Area
The Town Forest is approximately 317 in area, located between Rocky Pond Road, Drew Road, and Long Pond Road. The Forest hold several miles of trials and abuts four ponds: Little South Pond, Great South Pond, Cook's Pond, and South Triangle Pond. Drew Road is a publicly accessible dirt road that runs throughout the Forest and helps provide access to locations throughout. Additionally, Wildlands Trust and Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife owns several dozen acres of land that abuts the Forest, helping to expand the open space.Please exercise caution during hunting seasons while at this location. A state Wildlife Management Area near Cook's Pond promotes hunting, and the Town allows hunting throughout its properties in this location. It's recommended that visitors avoid this area during seasons, however if entry on this land is necessary, please wear the recommended 500 square inches of 'hunter orange' clothing.
Trail Map: Town Forest
Miles of Trails: 3 miles of trails
Directions to parking area:  mapquest map
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