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Ponds Access Information

Quick Reference Guide to 10+ Acre Publically Accessable Ponds

Pond Maps 

Click the map below for an interactive database showing infomation about virtually every recognized body of water in Plymouth! 

Excel File List of Ponds - Coincides with database in interactive map.

Bathymetric Maps

Click here to download available bathymetric maps.

Maps dating from the 1970's through 2020 have been compiled into one document. Several color bathymetric maps were released by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife in January of 2020 and are the most accurate contour measurement map produced to date. These ponds' older counterpart maps have been retained in the document as well.

Plymouth Ponds and Lakes Stewardship Project and Pond Monitoring Program

In 2014 the Town of Plymouth Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs received $38,854 in grant funding from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.  This funding enable’s the Town and Project Partner UMASS Dartmouth - School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) to commence the Plymouth Ponds and Lakes Stewardship Program (PALS) and Pond Atlas for water quality analysis and reporting in 39 ponds throughout Plymouth.  Click here for additional information.  In 2015 the following ponds are slated to be sampled and added to the Atlas:  Little Sandy Pond, Lout Pond, Cooks Pond, Great Island Pond, Honeypot Lake, Island Pond (near Great Herring), Triangle Pond.  

Are you interested in volunteering?  Please contact Kim Tower.  Volunteers may download field data sheets for collection of temperature, dissolved oxygen and secchi disk.  

Quality Assurance Project Plan

Updated 2020 - Click here to download the The Quality Assurance Project Plan.  


Pond and Watershed Studies

June 2015:  Plymouth Ponds and Lakes Stewardship Atlas The Atlas includes the following ponds:  Bartlett, Big Sandy, Big West, Billington Sea, Bloody, Boot, Clam Pudding, Clear, Deer, Ezekiel, Forge, Fresh, Fresh Meadow, Gallows, Great Herring, Great South, Gunners Exchange, Halfway, Hedges, Hoyts, Jakes, Little, Little Herring, Little Long, Little South, Little West, Long, Long Island, Micajah, Moreys Hole, North Triangle, Round, Russell Mill, Saby, Savery, Shallow, Ship, Wall, White Island

A Baseline Survey and Modified Eutrophication Index for 8 Ponds (1970s)

  • Beaver Dam Pond

  • Black Pond

  • Clam Pudding Pond

  • Deer Pond

  • Lout Pond

  • Rabbit Pond

  • Shallow Pond

  • Warner Pond

Volume V -A Baseline Survey and Modified Eutrophication Index for 41 Ponds (1970s)

  • Russell Mill Pond

  • Sandy Pond (Big Sandy)

  • Savery Pond

  • Scokes Pond (Scoux)

  • Ship Pond

  • Spring Pond

  • Wall Pond

  • Big West Pond

  • White Island Pond

Volume I -A Baseline Survey and Modified Eutrophication Index for 41 Ponds (1970s)

  • Bartlett Pond

  • Bloody Pond

  • Boot Pond

  • Clear Pond

  • Ezekiel Pond

  • Forge Pond

  • Fresh Pond

  • Fresh Meadow Pond

Volume IV -A Baseline Survey and Modified Eutrophication Index for 41 Ponds (1970s)

  • Litte South Pond

  • Little West Pond

  • Long Pond

  • Long Island Pond (Little Island)

  • Micajah Pond

  • Morey Hold Pond

  • North Triangle Pond

  • Round Pond

Water Quality Studies Part III Final Report (Includes Part I&II) 1982

  • Billington Sea

  • Little Pond

A Study of Billington Sea With Guidelines for Rehabilitation (1970s)

A Study of Great South Pond With Guidelines for Rehabilitation (1970s)

Big Sandy Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Curlew Pond Living Lakes Program Final Report, 1992

Fresh Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Gallows Pond Living Lakes Program Final Report, 1992

Great South Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Halfway Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Little Herring Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Little Long Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Long Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

Lout Pond Living Lakes Program Final Report, 1992

Round Pond Living Lakes Program Final Report, 1992

Russell Mill Pond Baseline Survey (1970s)

White Island Pond Water Quality Study, 1978

Billington Sea Diagnostic Feasibility Study - GALE 1990

Biological Monitoring Data

July 2011 Biological Monitoring Data Report.  The report includes the following ponds:  Great Herring, Little Herring,Great South, Little, Billington Sea, Long, Little Long, Gallows, Halfway, Round, Bloody, Clear, Boot, Bartlett, Fresh, Big Sandy, Lout, Little South.