Beach and Pond Updates

Public Bathing Beaches - Test Results

Under Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations for beaches, beach operators must sample bathing water at all public beaches for bacteria each week, using the Enterococcus indicator organism. Under that regulation, beach sampling is conducted weekly during the swim season.

Beach Sampling Results As Of: 9/10/2020

  • Fresh Pond (Test Dates 6/20-8/16/20):  NO FURTHER TESTING FOR SEASON
  • Hedges Pond (Test Dates 6/20-8/16/20): NO FURTHER TESTING FOR SEASON
  • Morton Park (Test Dates 6/13-9/7/20): NO FURTHER TESTING FOR SEASON
  • Nelson Park (Test Dates 6/20-8/16/20): NO FURTHER TESTING FOR SEASON
  • Plymouth Beach (Test Dates 6/13-9/7/20): NO FURTHER TESTING FOR SEASON
  • White Horse Beach (Test Dates 6/20-8/23/20): NO FURTHER TESTING FOR SEASON

Ponds With Active Cyanobacteria Blooms

Visual observations provided by the Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs (DMEA) indicate the presence of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) cells in the ponds below.  This evidence suggests that the level of cyanobacteria in the water may exceed the MDPH guidelines for recreational waterbodies in Massachusetts.  Accordingly, as recommended by MDPH, a public health advisory is being issued by the Plymouth Public Health Department.  Signage will be posted at public access points, where available to warn individuals against contact with the water (please see attached sign). 

An advisory can not be lifted until the bloom has been visibly clear for two consecutive weeks.

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As of: 9/25/2020

  • 9/25/20: Ezekiel Pond
  • 9/14/20: Island Pond (a/k/a Little Island)
  • 9/11/20: Great Herring Pond Advisory Lifted
  • 9/10/20: Little West, Big West and Grassy Ponds
  • 9/8/20: Billington Sea
  • 8/18/20: Clear Pond (advisory still in effect)
  • 7/20/20: Halfway Pond (advisory still in effect)

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