Building Permit / Occupancy Signature Requests During COVID-19

Please email the following to [email protected] :

***This process will only be valid during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic or until we are able to reopen to the public. 

Building Permits

  1. Copy of the completed building permit
    1. PDF is preferred. Pictures of permits are not always able to be signed digitally
  2. Description of the work to be done
  3. Plans of the addition (if applicable) and the existing house (all floors – 1st, 2nd and basement, if finished).
    1. Plans do not have to be formal.  A legible sketch is acceptable.

Certificate of Occupancy

Please allow up to 2-business days for the permit to be returned to you via email.

***It is your responsibility to return permits to the Building Department and make sure they have what they need to complete the process for you.

Please go to for more information.