Roads Advisory Committee

FKA: The Private and Gravel Roads Committee

The Roads Advisory Committee was established by Plymouth Town Meeting through the following bylaw as quoted below:

Town of Plymouth
Private and Gravel Roads
Road Management and Repair ByLaw
Chapter 162, Article II

S162-9 Definitions.
19. Roads Advisory Committee - The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Roads Advisory Committee of such member and composition as the Board of Selectmen shall determine appropriate. The Committee shall include at least one member each from the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board, or their designees, and shall be responsible to the Board of Selectmen for review and recommendations concerning:

  1. classification or re-classification of a gravel or private roads;
  2. requests for paving of a MCSC;
  3. requests for upgrading to Gravel Road Standard and paving of a RCR;
  4. road management issues;
  5. betterment assessment issues; and
  6. other road-related issues at the request of the Board of Selectmen.

Committee Members



Citizen at Large - Experience Required

Citizen at Large


Board of Selectmen Designee


Citizen at Large

Tim Grandy

Planning Board Designee

Vice Chairman

Citizen at Large - Experience Required

Town Representatives


DPW Director

Public Works

Assistant DPW Director

Public Works

Town Engineer

Engineering Dept.

Town Surveyor

Engineering Dept.