Sewer Force Main Project

Emergency Wastewater Forcemain Repairs
Phase 1-Summer 2016

Project Background and Description

The Town of Plymouth has been dealing with the management of an emergency sewer bypass of the 4.5 mile sewer force main since December 19, 2015 when failures in the existing pipe occurred. The sewer force main is currently bypassed entirely, from the Water Street pump station to the wastewater treatment plant. The Town ofPlymouth, along with Environmental Partners Group, Inc. has completed an emergency design to repair and replace the existing sewer force main with the first of two new pipe lines.  Albanese D&S, Inc. has been retained by the Town of Plymouth to complete the Phase 1 repairs and is scheduled to begin construction in early June. Activities will consist of sliplining portions of the existing force main, which consists of inserting a new 24” HDPE pipe into the existing 30” ductile iron force main thus limiting the amount of excavation needed, and removing and replacing the existing 30” ductile iron force main with 24” PVC pipe where sliplining is not possible.