PAYT Bag Options during COVID 19

Plymouth DPW-PAY T Bag Info:

Covid-19 has made it more difficult for some residents to shop, and therefore to get the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) bags they use at the Town’s transfer station.  To address this, the Town of Plymouth has worked with stores and its bag vendor to create a tiered system to help residents:  

For those who are comfortable shopping in stores, our bag vendor has worked to make sure bags are available in stores in Plymouth.  As with other shopping items, there have been significant runs on PAYT bags, but our stores continue to have bags and continue to sell them.

For residents who cannot or do not feel comfortable shopping in stores, they can:Have bags delivered to your home as part of the InstaCart program.  Let the store know you want bags in the” Notes” section and they will be added to your order.  This applies to the following stores:

CVS at 8 Pilgrim Hill Road

Market Basket at One Commerce Way

Shaw’s at 2260 State Road

Stop & Shop at 127 Samoset Street in Plymouth

Stop & Shop at 65 Route 6A in Sandwich

Have your bags delivered to your home via Walgreen’s Postmates delivery service.  You can add PAYT bags to your order by asking for them in the “Notes” section.

Have bags delivered to the curb at Morrison Home and Garden.  Just email your order to the store at [email protected].  Their employees will bring your order to the curb and will place the bags in your car for you. 

For residents who cannot leave the house because of a medical condition, the Town’s bag vendor can ship bags directly to you.  Bags are shipped in two-packs to minimize the packaging and mailing costs for you.  Please contact DPW at 508-830-4162 extension 12100 and we will assist you with this or should you have any questions. Also, residents can visit and bags can be obtained right away.


Some home delivery services add an additional fee to your order to pay for the cost of their service.  Other services may charge other costs to you.  We encourage you to look for these costs to make sure you are making an informed purchase.