Nomination Papers for the 2021 Municipal Election

Nomination Papers for the 2021 Municipal Election

As of January 11, 2021, the Plymouth Town Hall is closed to the public. 

The process for taking out nomination papers will be as follows:

1)  Call the Clerk's Office at 508-747-1620 X10169 and provide your name, address and office sought.

2)  We will prepare your nomination papers and have you call from one of the side doors when you arrive.

3)  An employee will bring the papers out to you.

Positions for which nomination papers are available:

Nine Charter Commission members (no term expiration); One Select Board member for three years; Three Plymouth School Committee members for three years; One Plymouth School Committee member for one year; One member of the Planning Board for five years; One member of the Planning Board for two years;One member of the Housing Authority for five years; One member of the Redevelopment Authority for five years; and also a total of Forty-seven (45) Town Meeting Members for three years, Three members from each precinct for three years, One member from Precinct 4 for one year; One member from Precinct 11 for two years; and one member from Precinct 13 for two years. Please see below for dates and deadlines.

Charter Commission:

Town Charter; 4-2-1    A representative town meeting member or elected town official representing the entire town shall not simultaneously hold another elected town office other than member of a charter commission.

Candidates for the Charter Commission are required to collect 100 signatures.

For more information please see Local Charter Procedures.

Obtaining signatures: What is allowed?

  • Multiple signature pages – Each signee, or family, may have their own individual nomination paper form.
  • Return of nomination papers in the ballot box.

Obtaining signatures: What is not allowed?

  • Electronic signatures. All signatures must be in wet ink.
  • Time extensions. There are no extended deadlines approved by Massachusetts State for the obtaining of nomination signatures.
  • Reduction of Signatures. The number of signatures required remains the same.

Suggestions for Obtaining Signatures:

  • You can mail/email individual nomination papers to people and ask them to print and sign them and mail them back to you or drop off in the ballot box.
  • Candidates can set up a table, with permission at a public place (i.e. a grocery store), but include fresh pens, gloves and sanitizer.
  • Candidates may announce the locations of supporters who have covered porches and letting people drop by to sign.  Candidates can set specific hours to sign so their nomination papers don't stay unsupervised for long periods.
  • Advertise designated signing areas/times through social media or mail.
  • Please note: each page must have the candidate’s information filled out on both the front and back of the page.

Campaign Finance Guide for Municipal Candidates (Town Meeting Members do not have to file Campaign Finance Reports)

* = Open until 5        + = Open until 8


Town Meeting Incumbent Deadline        March 19*

Town Election Nomination Deadline       March 26*

Town Meeting                                          April 3

Last Day to Withdraw (Town)                  April 12*

Last Day to Register (Town)                   April 23+

Local Election                                         May 15

Town Meeting                                          October 16

* = Open until 5        + = Open until 8