Notary Public Services

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The Clerk's Office is not able to notarize real estate closings documents, please see paragraph C below.


Section 9: Prohibition Against the Unauthorized Practice of Law.

(a) A non-attorney notary public shall not assist a non-attorney in drafting, completing, selecting, or understanding a document or transaction requiring a notarial act, rendering legal advice, or otherwise engage in the practice of law.

(b) This section does not preclude a notary public who is duly qualified, trained, or experienced in a particular industry or professional field from selecting, drafting, completing, or advising on a document or certificate related to a matter within that industry or field.

(c) A notary public who is not an attorney licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, or who is not directly supervised by an attorney, shall not conduct a real estate closing and shall not act as a real estate closing agent. A notary public who is employed by a lender may notarize a document in conjunction with the closing of his or her employer's real estate loans.