Bill Information

To notify residents when bills go out, we have added this new page to our website. This area will show current bills that have been mailed and when the due dates are. Any payments made after the due date will include interest. Under normal circumstances 2 weeks after a bill is due the Collector’s office will send out demands, this notice will include a demand fee of $15 dollars and interest dated back to the due date. Every effort should be made to pay your bill timely so that you do not incur interest and penalties. Penalties and interest, once applied, are not waivable under any circumstances’ in accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 60 Section 15, the Collector has no authority to waive fees or interest.
For New Home Owners in Town please note that Massachusetts State Law requires the Real Estate Tax bill to be issued to the record owner as of each January 1. Massachusetts General Law chapter 59 section 11 reads, "Taxes on real estate shall be assessed, in the town where it lies, to the person who is the owner on January first....." Please call the Assessor’s office at 508-747-1620 X10296 to ask for an “In Care Of” (C/O) address so the bill can be sent to you. Often the Post Office may return an “In Care Of” address but we can try and get it to you. Every Year Real Estate, Personal Property and CPA taxes are due on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st.
Water & Sewer Bills are mailed on a quarterly basis every year. Under normal circumstances the due dates will fall into the following months; August, November, February and May.
If you have not received a bill, especially the ones listed below, and feel that you should have please call the Collector’s office at 508-747-1620 X10291 and ask them to look it up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fiscal 2020 and Prior:

Water & Sewer Demands 2020 & 2019 are due 7/29/2020.

Starting the week of September 14th and continuing for the next 7 weeks the water department will be hanging "Shut Off Tags" to those properties whose Water and/or Sewer bills remain unpaid from Fiscal 2020.  The Water Hanger Tag includes an additional fee of $25.  Cash or money order are required for payment, no personal or business checks.  There are almost 600 customers that remain unpaid so if you are one of them I would recommend that you pay prior to the Hanger Tag happening.

Real Estate and Personal Property 2020 Demands are due 7/29/2020; tax takings will be the next step

A delinquent Real Estate file was sent to legal on 09/16/20.  They are in the process of doing the Title Search on all of the delinquent properties.  Once the title research has been done they will then begin preparing the newspaper advertisement.  Advertisement expected in November, liens recorded in December.  If you still remain outstanding on Real Estate we recommend you pay now to avoid any further legal or recording fees. 

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Demands 2020 are due 7/31/2020, the Town's Deputy Collector will warrant by August 17th,  which will include additional fees

The following warrants for Motor Vehicle Excise from 2020 and prior were mailed on 8-21-2020 and are due 9-21-2020.  Please inquire with the Deputy Collector, Hobin & Hobin at 508-747-4344, if you have any questions or want to make payment over the phone.

Boat Excise demands/warrants are dated 9-25-20 and are due 10-09-20

FY 2021 Water and Sewer Bills
Water & Sewer Bills for the 1st quarter, were mailed on July 22, 2020 and are due on August 24, 2020

Water-Sewer bills for the 2nd Quarter will  be mailed on October 16, 2020 and are due November 16, 2020.

FY2021 1st Quarter Water / Sewer Demands mailed 10-14-2020 with due date of 10-28-2020
FY 2021 Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes
1st and 2nd Quarter for Fiscal 2021 were mailed June 30th, 2020.

First quarter due August 1st - Second quarter due November 1st.

This bill is a preliminary bill based on the prior year.

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