Municipal Lien Certificate

Please be advised we do not provide over the counter, verbal or e-mail communication regarding real estate taxes, water or sewer.  You may contact the property owner for the current status of the real estate taxes or you may forward a request for a Municipal Lien Certificate.  If you choose to request a Municipal Lien Certificate you must include the following information in your request:

1. Map/Parcel Identification Number
2. Name of Property Owner(s)
3. A self-addressed stamped envelope
4. A check made payable to the Town Of Plymouth
     Residential properties $50.00
     Four or more family residences $100.00 (effective 9/2/2015)
     Commercial or Industrial properties $150.00 (effective 9/2/2015)

Your request should be mailed to:

Town of Plymouth
Collector’s Office
26 Court Street
Plymouth, MA  02360
Attn: Request for MLC


Please be advised the turnaround time is 10 business days for your request, however we will make every effort to respond sooner than the 10 business days.


Thank you.