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Beaver Dam Conservation Area

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Beaver Dam Conservation Area Trail Map (PDF)


  1. Dirt Trail
  2. Wooden Dock

The Beaver Dam Conservation Area is approximately 783 acres in area and provides great views of Little Island Pond and Great Island Pond. Both ponds provide numerous recreational opportunities with excellent habitat for freshwater fishing and bird watching. The Conservation Area also provides unique nature walks as it is composed of upland pine barrens; a rare ecosystem primarily found in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, Long Island, and Eastern New Jersey. 

The section of trail that is blazed and maintained is adjacent to Little Island Pond. Additional unmarked and unmaintained trails and cart paths wind through most of the conservation area and it is these paths that provide pedestrian access to Great Island Pond. If interested in this part of the conservation area, the Town recommends consulting a map or GPS. Closest access to Great Island Pond is available off Savery Road. Please park in a manner that will allow emergency vehicles to pass, and do not block the exclusionary gate.

Trail Length: 2 miles

Trail Surface: Dirt, 1 Wooden Dock

Size of Conservation Area: 783 acres