Memorials Advisory Committee


The Memorials Advisory Committee consists of three members appointed by the Select Board for or three-year overlapping terms. Serving in an advisory capacity to the Select Board, the committee reviews applications for memorials to honor those whose contributions to the community warrant recognition. Applications recommended for approval are sent to the Select Board for a final decision.


  • David Golden, Chair
  • Tim Lawlor, Vice Chair
  • Steve Lydon, Clerk

Memorial Policy

Applicants should review the Memorials Policy by Clicking Here.

Memorials Application

  1. Honoree must have been deceased for at least 1 year, prior to application.

  2. Please provide the Publicly Owned Property to be Named and Location

    Applicants may request that the town name the following for an honoree: a wall of a town-owned building, rooms within a town-owned building, a pre-existing bench, playgrounds, future street signs.

  3. Disclaimer*

    I have read, understand, and accept the guidelines of the Memorials Advisory Committee. 

    I understand that future maintenance is the sole responsibility of those funding this memorial. 

    I understand that failure to properly maintain the memorial may result in its removal by Town staff. 

    I understand that I will remain the point of contact for this memorial until and unless I notify the Memorials Advisory Committee of a change in responsibility

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