Elderly & Disabled Tax Fund Committee


At Fall 2022 Town Meeting, the Town approved an article to implement an Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund for the purpose of defraying real estate taxes of elderly and disabled persons of low income.  

Furthermore, with the adoption of the Fund, the Town of Plymouth taxpayers can voluntarily check off, donate and pledge an amount ($1.00 minimum) in addition to their amount due starting in the fiscal year 2024. 

The use of the Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund is administered by the Elderly & Disabled Tax Fund Committee. The Committee adopts rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of MGL c.60, 3D.

The Elderly & Disabled Tax Fund Committee is comprised of five members serving three-year terms. Members include the Board of Assessors Chair, the Treasurer/Collector, and three residents to be appointed by the Select Board.   

Appointed Members

  • James F. Sullivan, Board of Assessors Chair
    Term Expires: 2025
  • Patricia Meachen, Treasurer / Collector
    Term Expires: 2025
  • Dawn King, At-Large
    Term Expires: 2025
  • Grace Keenan, At-Large
    Term Expires: 2025
  • John Young, At-Large
    Term Expires: 2025