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Center Hill Preserve

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Center Hill Preserve Trail Map (PDF)

The Center Hill Preserve is a 98-acre property fronting on Cape Cod Bay. The Preserve is divided into two areas separated by Center Hill Road: Center Hill West and Center Hill East.

Center Hill West is a thickly wooded upland habitat featuring an accessible town-owned decommissioned cranberry bog. Narrow winding trails loop through the Preserve and are marked with white trailblazers. This part of the Preserve holds a rolling topography resulting in a prime location to view white-tailed deer making their way throughout the woods. The old cranberry bog frequently becomes inundated with water, and numerous species of waterfowl can be seen here during the wet events.

Center Hill East is 28 acres of coastal land and has approximately 1/2 mile of accessible coastline. The beach has become sandier in recent years, Centerhill Eastand while it doesn't provide an excellent site for swimming and bathing as the shallows are rocky, it provides excellent unobstructed views of Cape Cod Bay. Additionally, it is becoming an increasingly popular place for Harbor and Gray Seals to haul out of the water to rest. Should you see these animals, please do not disturb them, and per the Marine Mammal Protection Act, ensure you stay at least 150 feet away at all times.


  • Center Hill West: 212 Center Hill Road
  • Center Hill East: 158 Center Hill Road

Length: 2.4 miles of trails

Trail Surface: Dirt, Bog Road, Wooden Boardwalk, Sand, Cobble

Size of Preserve: 98 acres

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