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Here you can find information about the various environmentally beneficial projects spearheaded by the Division of Natural Resources. These can include dam removals, river, cranberry bog, and upland restorations, land acquisitions, and major walking trail work. We're proud to have partnered with numerous state and federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to see these projects through successfully, and to have received over $75,000,000 in grant/appropriation funding to help complete this work.

As ongoing projects progress, this page will be updated with information about the current status of the project, coming benchmarks, and funding. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Please look at our 10 Years of Achievements (PDF) book that outlines all the projects DMEA has accomplished between 2012-2022.

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Ongoing pRojects

Project Need and Description

Jenney Pond Dam results in the artificial impoundment of water known as Jenney Pond. Like all dams, Jenney Pond Dam, impounds both water and sediment that would otherwise migrate downstream through natural processes. Deposition of sediments allow excessive plant growth in the accumulating nutrient rich sediment. Decreased DO and eutrophication of the pond which has decreased the ecological health of the pond. The pond was last dredged in 1967 and needs dredging to restore depth, dissolved oxygen levels and water quality. Lastly, this impairment has decreased its ability to support fish and wildlife populations. 

Approximately 6,350 cubic yards (cy) of sediment will be removed using hydraulic dredging methods, which will not require any drawdown of the pond. Due to time-of-year restrictions the work will be performed in the winter months. All material will need to be dewatered, trucked, and disposed of in a lined landfill. 

Cost and Schedule

The estimated cost of the project is $2,100,000. Half of the required funds have been provided by the Community Preservation Committee and DMEA is working to secure the other half in state and/or federal dollars. As a result of the need to secure grant funds the project timeline is grant dependent. Once funds are secured the project will be put out to bid for an anticipated winter construction window.