How to Obtain a Business Certificate

Business Certificate 

Mass General Law Chapter 110 Section 5 states that anyone doing business under a name other than their own is required to file a DBA (doing business as) certificate in the Town the business is in.

Before applying for a DBA, please submit an online Zoning Interpretation Request or contact the Building/Zoning Department. For your protection, the zoning enforcement officer will sign off on your request to ensure your business is an allowed use under the zoning bylaws. 

Once the Zoning is approved, the Town Clerk's office will issue the Business Certificate with the name, owner and address of the business.  The fee for a business certificate is $40 (payable in cash, credit card, or check) and the certificate is valid for 4 years.

The Town Clerk's office sends out renewal letters about a month before the business certificate is going to expire for business owners to renew for another 4 years.

Download and complete a blank Business Certificate (PDF).

To Amend a Business Certificate

A  Zoning Interpretation Request is needed to ensure records are up to date.  Once approval is received, the Town Clerk's office, will update the certificate.  The fee for an amended business certificate is $10.  

To Discontinue a Business Certificate

A signature from the business owner is needed to discontinue a business certificate.  The business owner should send a letter or come to the Town Clerk's office to discontinue the business.  The fee is $5.

  • Business Certificates are - $40
  • To Amend a business Certificate - $10
  • To cancel a Business Certificate - $5