How to Obtain a Business Certificate

Business Certificate Instructions

  1. Business Zoning is needed to be done before we do a business certificate. That is done in the Inspectional Services office. (It doesn't matter if it is a home office or a Commercial building, or you are doing a mobile business but is going to be located at your address because that's where the backend of the business is taking place).
  2. Once the Zoning is approved then you can come to Clerk's Office with the approval, and we can take all the information down and print up a business certificate. The business certificate is $40 and is good for 4 years.
    • If you want to print out a business certificate online, you can click on the link. You can fill this out (under "by the following names" on the business certificate, please also include your residential addresses) and get it notarized and send it to us with a check for $40 and a self-addressed stamped envelope and a copy of the approval for the business zoning.
  3. We send out renewal letters about a month before the business certificate is going to expire.

Download and complete a blank Business Certificate (PDF).

To Amend a Business Certificate

  1. You will need to go to Business Zoning first. They need to update their records first.
  2. Once that's approved then you can come to the Clerk's Office, and we can take the information and update the business certificate we will need to see the approval from business zoning. It costs $10 to amend a business certificate or send a letter with what you want to be changed and with a copy of the approval from zoning and a self-addressed stamped envelope and we can mail it back to you.

To Cancel a Business Certificate

You will either need to come in or write a letter and send it to us, to tell us that you would like to cancel the business certificate and a check for $5.

  • Business Certificates are - $40
  • To Amend a business Certificate - $10
  • To cancel a Business Certificate - $5